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Dr Dino Rech

Dr Dino Rech

Title: Regional Chief Operating Officer: Health Programmes
Education: MBA
Location: Parktown, Johannesburg

Dino Rech is a South African clinician and social entrepreneur who has spent his career focused on how to use research, lean management principles, and technological innovation and apply them to clinical settings to improve efficiencies and outcomes in the primary health care setting.

Dino has worked across the spectrum of private, government and NGO healthcare sectors, in developing world countries, both as a practising physician and as the founder and director of an emergency medicine practice and Southern African HIV prevention focused implementing NGO, CHAPS. More recently Dino has worked at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he managing an international portfolio of investments focused on innovation to improve PHC service delivery and outcomes. In April 2018 he joined the Aurum Institute as the Regional Chief Operating Officer (ROO) responsible for Aurum’s health programme divisions.

Dino is especially passionate about improving the living circumstances and access to good quality healthcare on the continent he calls home and sees a careful balance of government, private sector and societal stakeholder needs and inputs as key to achieving this. Dino obtained both his Medical and MBA degrees at the University of the Witwatersrand. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports especially soccer, cricket and rugby. He loves nothing more than spending time with his wife, baby boy, and two huskies.