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Ms Lauren de Kock

Ms Lauren de Kock

Title: Regional Director: Continuous Quality Improvement and Training
Education: BSc Sociology, MA Sociology of Health
Location: Parktown, Johannesburg

Lauren has a rich professional career which spans across academia, as a lecturer in public health, an entrepreneur and public health management with specific emphasis on training, mentoring and quality improvement. The past 10 years of her career have been devoted to enabling professionals and their environments to ensure better health outcomes.

Focusing on the fields of HIV and TB, Lauren has a track record of using innovative and diverse methodologies to empower professionals and their organisations acquire, implement and apply knowledge and skills to change their behaviour and the systems in which they work.

Lauren led the development of and authored numerous teaching aids and educational tools for health care providers, that have been endorsed by the National Department of health and are widely used throughout South Africa. She strategically developed and currently heads a National Quality Improvement programme that supports over 500 primary healthcare facilities around the country.

The department is staffed by 25 trained quality improvement personnel that Lauren has trained and mentored and well recognised in their field. Through her vision and leadership, a unique mentoring programme was implemented that equips professional nurses with training, mentoring and systems improvement skills that enabled them to appropriately and confidently address root causes at primary health care facilities.

She has headed 2 other training departments for other NGOs in South Africa that were widely respected and acknowledged for their impact. She is an acclaimed trainer and speaker and has equipped numerous NGOs around South Africa to develop and strengthen their improvement programmes. She offers extensive support to the National Department of Health through advising on QI interventions and developing training material on their behalf. Lauren is a member of and has assisted in the development of a QI working group that aims to improve QI capacity in South Africa across the private and public sector.


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