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Aurum Governance

The Aurum Institute is governed by a Board of Directors, supported by governance committees and led by a Group Management Executive consisting of a Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) supported by a Technical Expert Group; a Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) and a Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Ms Trisha Crawford

  • Title: Data Management: Executive Advisor
  • Qualifications: TBC
  • Location: Parktown

Trisha Crawford is the Data Management: Executive Advisor at The Aurum Institute.

The data management provides a core service to both Research and Health Programs. After joining Aurum in 2005 she managed the data collection for one of the largest public health studies in TB prevention, the Thibela TB study. This required an electronic data management system for collecting for real-time reporting. Consequent to this, Aurum has built up an enviable track record and capacity for non-profit clinical trial data management in South Africa, which can and should be shared. Now as head of department, she is responsible for health information strengthening across all health programs as well as managing data for all research projects.

Prior to joining Aurum, Trisha worked for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in the clinical research department. During this time she managed to the data management processes for many clinical drug trials within various therapeutic areas including speciality, respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous systems and gastrointestinal. She also participated in a global forum for the implementation of electronic data capture tools management.