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Aurum produces a wealth of materials - publications and tools - to support our projects and aid in the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

In this resource library, you will find a selection of project and company materials organised in an easily searchable database.
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This study describes the post-diagnosis care-seeking costs incurred by people living with TB and/or HIV and their households, in order to identify the potential benefits of integrated care.

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Pregnancy and HIV Disease Progression in an Early Infection Cohort from Five African Countries

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Aurum Publications For The Year 2017

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Wasting, underweight and stunting among children with congenital heart disease presenting at Mulago hospital, Uganda.

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Priority-Setting for Novel Drug Regimens to Treat Tuberculosis: An Epidemiologic Model.

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High-dose rifampicin, moxifl oxacin, and SQ109 for treating tuberculosis: a multi-arm, multi-stage randomised controlled trial.

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