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Clinical Research Division

The Clinical Research Division conducts all clinical phase (I through III with IV capability) investigator-initiated trials, network trials (such as the NIH HIV Vaccine Trials Network and AIDS Clinical Trial Group, EDCTP funded PANACEA), Product Development Partner trials (such as Aeras TB Vaccine Foundation, Alliance for New TB drugs, FIND),pharma trials and prospective TB/HIV associated follow-up cohort studies. The Clinical Research Division is also responsible for basic science research.
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Implementation Research Division

The Implementation Research Division is responsible for conducting health research and scientific evaluations in the area of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. The Implementation Research Division is a multi-disciplinary group that applies scientific inquiry into questions concerning the implementation of policies, programmes or practices that contribute to national, regional and global strategies and targets.
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Health Systems Division

Health Systems focuses on Technical Assistance, Health Systems Strengthening and Direct Service Delivery projects in support of the Department of Health and related communities. The divisional projects are delivered in partnership with Aurum Technical Services (Quality Improvement, Training and Mentoring, Clinical Services, Data Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Health Service Management).
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Public Health Division

The Public Health Division undertakes multi-pronged programmes addressing South African public health priorities across a spectrum of settings, which include Mines, Correctional settings, deep rural communities and informal settlements. The programmes are mostly concentrated on service provision to improve client- and community-level health outcomes for TB, HIV, STIs and access to universal health care, including Family Planning.
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International Division

Our journey and success in the battle against TB has led us to embark on carefully increasing our footprint and our helping hand. The Aurum Institute has now opened new clinics and offices in Ghana and Mozambique and we are preparing to expand our highly experienced staff to be able to assist and ‘take up arms,” against TB on the global stage.
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IMPAACT4TB is a four-year project introducing a new way to tackle latent Tuberculosis (TB) infection—the seedbed of TB—in order to slow and ultimately stop the flood of new TB cases occurring every year. We’re doing this by identifying and providing new, shorter treatment options for people with latent TB infection.
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