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Aurum Annual Report 2021

Aurum Annual Report 2021

Aurum Board Chairperson Ms Phangisile Mtshali characterises 2021 as a year of adapting and building resilience.

She writes in the Aurum Annual Report 2021, that the organisation had to pivot and seize opportunities brought by the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath.

As part of adapting to the pandemic, Aurum joined the national responses in South Africa, Mozambique and Ghana, working with the respective health departments and governments on various initiatives to curb the spread of the disease. 

Group CEO Prof Gavin Churchyard reflects on the end of the end of the Aurum strategic plan: 2017-2021, a period during which the organisation pursued a strategy of global diversification. “It became evident that our existing structure would not support sustainable growth, so we completed a process of restructuring Aurum. We established an Aurum Group leadership structure, setting out clear accountabilities for the key functions of a global organisation.”