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The COVID-19 pandemic created ongoing opportunities for Aurum 
to provide expertise to the ministries of health in Ghana, Mozambique 
and South Africa. Aurum contributed to improving knowledge and 
delivering COVID-related services.
In 2021, Aurum secured a new grant from UNITAID to cover COVID-19 work in 5 countries: South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Philippines, the latter two being covered by our partner, KNCV. It's objective is to improve access to quality and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic tools for COVID-19.

Aurum Mozambique implemented rapid COVID-19 testing in collaboration with the National Institute of Health and Maputo City Council. 

In Ghana, Aurum collaborated with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to promote education in the COVID-19 Anti-Stigma campaign, distributing more than 1 million COVID-19 education materials.

3 519

COVID-19 diagnostic tests conducted at Aurum’s labs in support of South Africa's national response.


Shesha Geza washbasins to provide an innovative solution for improved hygiene and hand sanitation at health facilities.

250 000

COVID vaccinations administered.


Clinical trials with more than 40000 participants to assist in finding a new vaccine and treatment for COVID-19


schools reached in vaccination programme for 12-17-year-olds.

In 2021, Aurum secured a new grant from UNITAID, to cover COVID-19 work in 5 countries: South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Philippines, the latter two being covered by our partner, KNCV.

The IMPAACT4C19 (Improving Public Health Outcomes through Enhancing Accelerated Access to Care and Treatment Innovation for COVID-19) is aimed at reducing mortality and morbidity due to COVID-19 and its economic and social impact in low-and middle-income countries by improving access to quality and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

The work areas for the project are:

  • Evidence generation on acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness of COVID-19 service delivery models.
  • Procurement supply chain and catalytic implementation of COVID-19 test-and-treat solutions.
  • Enabling environment for policy and regulation to accelerate access to approved tools.
  • Demand creation for test-and-treat solutions and vaccinations.
  • Effective transition and scale-up through linkages to national programs and other funding sources.
Through this work, Aurum will be able to consolidate its work in the COVID-19 response across the national and international global health space and expand its recognition as a key player in market access dynamics. Aurum will be able to generate evidence on use cases for self-tests in various settings, develop an innovative test-and treat package for outpatient care for COVID-19, and establish the need and use for digital tools in linkage to care.
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