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Pride Month: Aurum celebrates LGBTQI+ community at Colour Picnic

Pride Month: Aurum celebrates LGBTQI+ community at Colour Picnic

In support of Pride Month 2023, Aurum Tembisa Clinic 4 Research Division Community Engagement team participated in the Department of Higher Education and Training and NICRO Ekurhuleni East TVET College LGBTQI+ Colour Picnic, to raise awareness on LGBTQI+ health needs and celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Within the Community Engagement, Tembisa Clinic 4 takes pride in interacting with community members who make clinic research a success by being open and accessible through volunteering their time in participating in studies that seek to find sustainable solutions to a good healthcare system for all, including the LGBTQI+ community.

Zandiswa Kula, Aurum Community Outreach Worker added that the team aims to curb the spread of HIV and Aids, particularly in Key Population groups through the protocol studies they conduct.

“This is an important duty for us, to ensure we facilitate awareness and engagements within all our community groups.”

This is why the team was excited to be invited to this proactive event where they donned colors of inclusivity in attire as a symbol of dedication to create access to healthcare for everyone. The team also shared the work they do and its benefits to the community with stakeholders and guests in this event. This created a platform for an open discussion for all to understand the needs and support the LGBTQI+ community deserves.

Other procession activities included singing and dancing in remembrance of the lives lost as a result of the existing homophobic culture, as well as taking a moment of silence and releasing balloons to pay tribute to those valued lives.

In reflection of the picnic, Kula shared that the LGBTQI+ community is an integral group within our society, and it is important that we advocate for a more dignified healthcare system, which is able to affirm and celebrate all human rights.

“Pride shouldn’t just be a month but a way of Life.” she said.

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