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Beyond the Finish Line: The Aurum Klerksdorp Marathon

Beyond the Finish Line: The Aurum Klerksdorp Marathon

The Aurum Klerksdorp Marathon is one of the most beloved annual events, standing as a symbol of community and wellness for many people. Within the framework of an African Health Impact organisation, this collaboration symbolises more than just a race; it embodies a holistic approach to health and a deep-rooted commitment to the community.  

Originating in 2018 from a simple idea shared among dedicated individuals and bolstered by the endorsement of then-Chairman of the Board, Dr. Paul Davis, the marathon's inception marked the beginning of a partnership between the Aurum Institute and the  Klerksdorp Marathon Club.

Year after year, this marathon transcends being just a marathon, offering a platform for community members to engage with loved ones. It creates a sense of belonging irrespective of their fitness level, age, or background. This event champions physical activity, and inclusivity, demonstrating the transformative power of collective initiatives on community well-being. 

Reflecting on the success of the event, Aurum’s Managing Director of Clinical Research, Ms Tanya Nielson expressed gratitude for the support and positive feedback received. Looking ahead to the next gathering in 2025, she extended heartfelt appreciation to the Klerksdorp Marathon Club for orchestrating a flawlessly organised affair, the Aurum team and partners for their steadfast backing, and the runners for their contagious enthusiasm and radiant smiles.


One of the participants, Aurum’s Graphic Designer, shared a deeply personal perspective, having participated in the marathon thrice. For him, the event is not just about running. It represents a long-awaited reunion with fellow runners and an opportunity to witness the vibrant energy through the streets of Klerksdorp. He remarked, “To see the community of Klerksdorp coming together with one accord is amazing. I felt part of the community.” 

The Klerksdorp Marathon exceeded expectations, not only providing a swift and optimal route for athletes aiming to qualify for prestigious races like the Two Oceans and Comrades Ultra, but also affirming Aurum’s integral role within the community. Beyond participating in the marathon, itself, Aurum team members were on hand to provide essential HIV testing services, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to holistic health care. 


Gratitude extends to the event’s partners whose collaborative efforts contributed significantly to its success. From the Klerksdorp Marathon Club to Coca Cola, MetroFibre, Super Maize Meal, BB Snacks, Vision Sports, Mega Theron Group, Rock Building Supplies, and many more, each partner played an important role in creating a healthier world for future generations. 

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