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Aurum showcases HIV and TB expertise at INTEREST 2023

Aurum showcases HIV and TB expertise at INTEREST 2023

Fundação Aurum, together with The Aurum Institute South Africa, participated in the INTEREST 2023 conference, showcasing the innovative work the Aurum Group does in HIV research, treatment, and care in Africa. The annual INTEREST Conference is the premier scientific conference for HIV in Africa and brings together scientists involved in HIV treatment, pathogenesis, and prevention research from around the world. It showcases cutting-edge knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV and the prevention of HIV-1 infection.

The conference took place in Maputo, Mozambique, from 9-12 May 2023, making this year's conference significant to Fundação Aurum, based within Maputo City. They are part of the international consortium IMPAACT4TB project, which prioritizes short-course TB preventive therapy for people living with HIV and children under five years old, as well as all those in close contact with TB patients in 12 high-burden countries.

Dr. Savaiva Munguambe, Fundação Aurum Project Manager, presented a mini oral abstract on the Evaluation of TB preventive treatment with 3HP in high-volume health facilities in Maputo City and Chokwé District, Mozambique. Additionally, she showcased an abstract poster on Tuberculosis Preventive Treatment: Comparison of Isoniazid and 3HP at Carmelo Hospital, Gaza Province, Mozambique.

Another fellow colleague, Dr. Elzier Mavume Mangunyane, Fundação Aurum Project Manager, also presented an abstract poster on HIV in people screened for COVID-19 and TB at the Community Post in Chókwè District, Gaza Province.

Other abstracts showcased on behalf of Aurum were Dr. Tonderai Mabuto, Aurum Director for HIV Research, on Characterizing Shifts in Depressive Symptoms for People on HIV Treatment Returning From Incarceration in South Africa; Aurum Scientist Lucy Chimoyi on Patient and Provider Experiences and Perceptions Influencing Uptake of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis in a High Priority District, South Africa; and Pretty Ndini, Aurum Junior Research Manager, on The Unmet Need for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Mineworkers in Peri-Mining Communities in South Africa.

Please visit The Aurum Institute Youtube page to watch Aurum experts present their INTEREST 2023 abstract posters.

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