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DEIB Launch: People at the heart of our strategy

DEIB Launch: People at the heart of our strategy

The Aurum Institute officially launched the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiative with the aim of building and maintaining an inclusive and diverse organisational structure that has a sustained, positive impact on our work environment, our people, and the delivery of our results.

Our commitment to DEIB as a strategic objective is intricately connected to every facet of our vision, mission, and culture, and this dedication was showcased during the launch event.

The launch featured a fireside panel discussion led by Shelldonette Carolus-Fisher, Aurum’s Senior Talent Management Specialist, Amy Molepo, Aurum's Talent Management Practitioner and Nene Molefe, the President of Mandate Molefe Consultants, providing valuable insights into the organisation's DEIB journey, along with a Q&A session and an engaging theatrical performance.

Prof. Gavin Churchyard, as the CEO of the Aurum Group, emphasised the significance of collaboration in achieving the DEIB initiative's objectives, stressing that it should encompass individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender, cultural differences, and sexual orientation.

During the panel discussion, in keeping with this inclusive approach, Matshidiso Chabane, Senior Programme Manager overseeing the POP INN project at Aurum, which provides free sexual health services to Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), and Transgender People (TG), shared insights into the experiences of POP INN and its commitment to inclusivity within the LGBTQIA+ community. This message of belonging and inclusivity was reinforced by Happy Phaleng, the Project Coordinator for the POP INN project and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, during the Leadership Roadshow, echoing the sentiments highlighted during the launch event.

In the same spirit, Prof. Vinodh Edward, Aurum's Chief Executive Officer in South Africa, inspired colleagues to confront biases and encouraged them to reflect on how they can enhance their contributions to DEIB, underlining that "If you know it's wrong in your head, and it feels wrong in your heart, it generally is wrong."

Expanding on this, Dr. Jerry Gule, the Board Chairperson of Aurum, emphasized that the initial step in overcoming these biases is to gain awareness of our demographics and reflect upon them to facilitate positive change.

Violet Chihota, Acting Group Science Coordinator at Aurum, likened action as the next crucial step in this journey and urged self-reflection, stating, "This journey begins with me, and I hope it also begins with you. Each of us must introspect and consider the personal significance of each element of DEIB."

In addition, a theatrical production highlighted both the behaviours that undermine an organisational culture of inclusion and belonging and the behaviours that support the Live Rite culture, which includes the Aurum values, and how we can all work together to co-create an organisation, all can be proud of.

The DEIB Initiative enables each and every one of us to contribute to fostering a culture of respect and collaboration, ultimately making The Aurum Institute a home for people from all walks of life, irrespective of our differences, whether they are visible or invisible.

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