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Prof Violet Chihota provides insights in TPT in World TB Day 2024 seminar

Prof Violet Chihota provides insights in TPT in World TB Day 2024 seminar

In commemoration of World TB Day 2024, esteemed experts convened at a virtual World TB Day Buildup Seminar to address the ongoing challenges and advancements in tuberculosis (TB) prevention. Hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), in collaboration with the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) and The Aurum Institute, the event provided a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing.

Among the distinguished speakers were Prof Violet Chihota, Chief Specialist Scientist at The Aurum Institute, Prof Sizulu Moyo, Deputy Executive Director – Strategic Lead at HSRC, and Dr Nkhensani Nkhwashu, Executive Manager of the National Strategic Plan at SANAC.

Prof. Violet Chihota led a compelling discussion titled Efforts to scale-up and optimize the delivery of short-course TB preventative regimens (TPT) - Experiences from the IMPAACT4TB and OPT4TPT projects. Focusing on strategies to enhance TPT uptake globally, she drew upon insights from the Unitaid-funded projects.

A highlight of Prof. Chihota's presentation was the transformative impact of 3HP (3-month isoniazid and rifapentine) in preventing TB among People Living with HIV (PLHIV). Citing evidence from the IMPAACT4TB project, she emphasized its efficacy, favourable safety profile, and high treatment completion rates. This regimen has emerged as a game-changer in TB prevention efforts.

In her closing remarks, Prof. Chihota underscored the importance of expanding evidence in paediatric populations and pregnant women to further enhance the delivery of TB preventive therapies. Anticipating ongoing research and innovation, she emphasised the need for targeted interventions to address specific challenges in these vulnerable groups.

The seminar served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of organisations and experts in the fight against TB. By sharing experiences, insights, and innovations, stakeholders aim to strengthen global TB prevention strategies and move closer to the goal of ending TB by 2030.

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