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 World TB Day 2024: Aurum Institute Ghana commits to ending TB in Ghana

World TB Day 2024: Aurum Institute Ghana commits to ending TB in Ghana

The commitment of The Aurum Institute Ghana to combating tuberculosis (TB) remains resolute.

In support of World TB Day 2024, Aurum Ghana proudly stood alongside Ghana Health Services to address the challenges and opportunities in ending TB at the 2024 World Tuberculosis Day in Koforidua, Ghana under the theme “Yes, we can end TB.”

During the commemoration event, Aurum Ghana Programme Manager, Ernestina Sam, delivered insights into Aurum's pivotal role in transforming TB treatment and prevention in Ghana. She highlighted the sites implementation of 3HP, a short-course TB treatment, and their involvement in initiatives like I4TB under the IMPAAC4TB project, empowering communities and healthcare providers to confront TB head-on.

Additionally, Ernestina announced Aurum Ghana's participation in the new Global Fund Cycle 7 project. Through this collaboration, we will extend support to selected private healthcare facilities, expanding TB case detection efforts and ensuring equitable access to care.

Aurum Ghana’s involvement in World TB Day and partnerships with key stakeholders reflect their unwavering dedication to ending TB in Ghana.


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